I am very frustrated and upset.

The new version of my item was approved and published yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn’t in front of my computer until now and could update the live preview link only now. So all the users that received the notification email and clicked on the link on the product page landed on the old preview page. I guess they think now that there were no significant changes. But in fact there are very important changes. Because of that I asked the reviewer to publish it on Oct. 31st … But it was ignored without any comment. That’s not a good basis for a good business relationship. How can I tell the customers now, that there is a new preview page and new item features? Any proposals?

You may need to make another small update at a more convenient time for you

FYI you will never be able to dictate whe an item or update is published - once approved it goes through. Allowing authors to request that would create chaos and end up with people trying to deliberately manipulate the system

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How could the system be manipulated just by defining the time of a publication? In my opinion the optimum would actually be to have the possibility to publish it by myself after approving. Is there any reason why that isn’t possible? I would like to understand that.

The queue well… a queue. When your item reaches the front of the queue it gets reviewed and approved or rejected. Reviewers don’t approve items “on demand” or on certain dates.

Lots of reasons -

It’s thought that it’s beneficial to be released at certain times

A lot of people would try to publish at the same time creating complexity plus the front page (granted that’s new items) tends to allow only a certain number of
Items each day to keep exposure fair

If everyone tried to publish on similar days then they would end up in a queue and not even go live when they wanted

While I am not a reviewer I imagine in a marketplace receiving tens if not 100’s of thousands on submissions a month then there is probably quite complex technical considerations to add scheduling

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