I am very disappointed with the customer service the Evanto Platform itself

To be honest guys. I am deeply frustrated and angry. The short of the story is:

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  1. I have been a long time customer of evanto (years)
  2. I recently ended my subscription
  3. I needed information and downloads for a new project and signed up again (Tried to reactivate my subscription)
  4. My payments got rejected (credit card)
  5. I tried PayPal it got rejected
  6. Then I got banned from the site
  7. I reached out to customer service, they reinstate my account
  8. They suddenly banned me again, with not explanation. Agents says she is using her discretion
  9. I ask for an explanation no reply

Below is the email I wrote to her. This is very frustrating as a customer and I am posting this here in hopes that they will improve their transparency and thereby improve customer service. This is a very poor way to treat customers:

Hello Sarah,

Help me out here. This email you sent resolving my issue and then a minute later blocking my account is quite aggravating. I find it (for lack of better words) racist and unfair.

I am a Nigerian who schooled in the United States and worked there as a Software Engineer for 10 years. I have bank accounts there and credit card there, I have a home there and I also have a home in Nigeria, I am not unique. There are millions of people in this profile. I have been a happy paying customer of Evanto for more than a year. If you look through the records, there is a whole year where I paid subscriptions every month without downloading anything. Happy to give you my money and don’t even use the service. I shut my subscription off because if you look through my records, I did not need it anymore. I was a software consultant whose software company got acquired and was not using this account anymore.

Here I am today, working on a new project. I am also on holiday in Argentina and I realize I don’t have all the fonts I used at home for my projects. I realize I downloaded them from Evanto and am willing to pay a monthly subscription that I don’t need to have access to previously downloaded fonts. All is well and good until I hit rejection for my payment, I switch to a VPN because I suspect my bank is acting up because I am in a new country and then I get locked out of my account after trying to use multiple payment methods… why?. I assume because I am in a differenct country? or I am guessing it doesnt add up that an account from Nigeria is used in Argentina with a payment from the US? but the real question is why? Because you depeartment doesnt understand something, instead of investigating you block accounts? I lose acces to all the things I have bought, historical information for project I have worked on, because your team doesnt understand my log in patterns and you dont bother to investigate? This is sad. Do you not take into account that your customers are international people who travel the world?

This is institutional racism. You and your colleagues might be fine individuals but the rules that guide you to do your jobs are partial to geographical locations and people and this is what institutional racism looks like… its baked into the fabric of your rules. Blanket partial to evenryone from a region negatively. Clearly I am not worth being explained to why my account is blocked, I am not worth your time and I am not worth engaging with you because of where I am logging in from. In a heart beat you have converted me from a customer that would reccomend this platform to colleagues to one that is going to reach out to my lawyer, blogs and media outlets about how customer service and discrimination on this platform is based on no evidence of wrong doing. We have to stop doing this as humans. Treat everyone equally.

If you have issues with an account communicate with the holder, explain discrepancies and allow them to explain and prove they are who they say they are. In most cases people will be happy to prove and explain the misunderstanding blocking people without reason is wrong and causes damages. I am happy to get my lawyer involved since you are unwilling to talk to me.

Thank you
Adim Ofunne

There’s nothing we can help here but you will need to contact Envato support to solve your problem