I am unable to download a template

Confirm your email address to complete your order.

We previously sent an email to ********* with a confirmation link.

I cant find an email at all. I resent the email multiple times but getting nothing.

Did you check your spam folder?

Yeah I did, nothing there either

Change your email address if possible with google or similar as if you’re using “custom” email based on your hosting, your hosting provider may see the email as “spam” and reject.

Another possibilities, time to time Envato emails are being sent with a little bit delay.

yeah its a private relay apple id email. But then I cant change the email since i did “continue with Apple”

So what can I do now? refund and buy from other account?

Connecting the account with social networks is causing some issues - according to what I read from the forum.

Refund process and purchasing it again would take longer. Try the suggestions I have offered, otherwise, contact Envato support and wait for the help. It would be faster but as it’s weekend, you may not get a reply till Monday/Tuesday

For Elements:

For Marketplace:

Okay thanks, I did that. And see, I got the help enquiry email same time, but the code just won’t come

Hey bro, they not getting back to me

Be patient

it was refunded just now. But still no communication from them, is the template not available to buy or can I switch accounts and buy it?

Wait for the support. You had already one account probably blocked, if you get another one and if it gets also blocked, your credit card may be blocked, too.

Did you create the ticket ?