I am the author of Russia, why should I pay taxes?

You can not pay the tax? Thank you

Russia has a 0% tax treaty with the US, so just fill in the forms found under Settings - Tax information and you shouldn’t see any tax deductions! :+1:

and what form should I fill out? Thank you

W8. There’s a digital version you can fill in from your account. Like Typps says, it’s in the tax information area of your account settings. Fill it in without a tax ID and you’ll still have 30% tax withheld, but only on US sales. Fill it in with a tax ID and you won;t have anything withheld.

politics … Russia has 0% and Poland 10%, despite the sanctions, despite NATO, EU, etc :smiley:


this is what is written. I mean all filled?

Tax Information

You successfully submitted your tax information on 26 Jan 2016 AEDT.

That means you’ve successfully filled out the form. What you’ve entered on the form will dictate how much tax you get withheld, but if you’ve filled it out correctly and included a valid tax ID, then you shouldn’t have anything withheld. Congrats!

I wrote my Russian personal tax number. It is right?

I’m no tax doctor, but it sounds like you’ve done everything correctly and filled out everything you needed to. In theory, you should have any tax withheld moving forward.

Should be fine as per the following answer quoted below, so give it a shot and see what happens. Keep in mind that the tax deductions won’t be seen for future sales made after today. The past sales made from the 1st of Jan until this very moment will have tax withheld.

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Thanks a lot for your help:slightly_smiling:

Tax ID Number *

in the row Foreign Tax ID Namber I wrote your individual tax number. It is right?

No tax doctor myself as SpaceStockFootage puts it :joy: :joy: but your INN number should be fine, which is the individual tax ID number, if i’m not mistaken.

:радость: :joy:

Yes. I confirm. I’ve filled W8 with my actual ИНН and pay no US taxes.

W8? an online form in your account settings?

Да. Account => settings=>Tax Information https://audiojungle.net/user/soundronika/tax_information

then everything is fine. I filled it. Thank you: slightly_smiling:

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