I am stuck in soft rejects issue. Please help me on that.

Hi! I am really in problem with one of my soft rejected project, the problem is unit testing typography issue and typography visual hierechy also little bit design section. I already approved PSDs and developed the wordpress version using Wp-Bakery. but can’t overcome this typography and visual hierechy. Please help me on this section I really need a pro frontend and backend developer to solved this issues and saved me from a continuous soft rejection issue. I will provide details if anyone willing to work this project.

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please provide a project link , so other users can help you easily

or direct me if you wish someone help you

I’m providing paid support for these kind of issues for other authors.In case of interest, you can drop me an email send me the theme after so I can check and fix it for you. If it’s doesn’t work, it means, there are few other things are wrong, too