I am sorry to say that but its reality. kindly Review Help

I am using Envato for a long time but I realize that most of the WordPress themes and plugins are not working properly if Themeforest is not playing a role to give us a support for Envato no issue but they must have to give us the right product with quality this doesn’t mean they are not responsible they have policy… So Envato community what your whats your opinion…We need quality products, not Quantity products.
Hassan Tariq

That seems like quite a general comment - I would be failry confident that the majority of themes and plugins are ok, but if you have specific ones which are not functioning then your best option is to reach out to the author(s)

as per my experience whenever I try to design a website with Envato element I download the theme more the 3 times some themes are outdated and some issues and some errors.