I am searching a people work for audiojungle

Hi to all:

I am searching a people that make a audio for audiojungle that approved audiojungle for make any audio upload my account, if you interesting please send me a links portfolio audiojungle for email or skype.

Email: jerienvato@gmail.com
Skype: JeriTeam



Sorry JeriTeam, I don’t understand your request/question. Could you clarify?

Do you want music for ThemeForest items?

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No, I want sell audio on audio jundje sorry my bad english becuase I am not speaking english,

I am search a people make audio for sell audiojundje that approved audiojundje but 50% - 50%

Why don’t you try to make music by yourself? It is not entirely clear what is the point in such cooperation.


Why I am deaf not can listen but I need test audio good or bad :frowning:

Oh, man, I’m sorry. And what if you develop in the direction that you are already doing (graphics)?

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graphics by music? or graphicriver? I not understand

You have a Graphicriver account, so you are doing graphics. You can develop in this direction. That’s what I meant


Yes but hard rejected :frowning: now but 3 years ago approved :frowning: I think that my account is old :frowning: and also not winner more money

If you think that your account is old, get a new one. Start with a clean slate. There is nothing wrong

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Do I can create multiples account? I already have 2 account old.

I do not quite understand what you mean. A little tip: take advantage of Google translator. It is not perfect, but it will be easier for people to understand you

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I laready understand I, but I don’t know how fix my flyer wrong hard rejected but I already upload forums nothing help me :frowning:

Sorry, buddy. I do not understand what you’re saying. Every word is understandable, but I can not put it into a sentence and understand its meaning.Use Google translator. Seriously, it’s better this way.

I have already uploaded my flyers but it was rejected and I have already sent a message this forum no one has helped me

(use translator google)

There is nothing wrong with rejections. Absolutely all the authors had them once. The most important thing is to work on improving your skills and the final product.Progress will be sure if you constantly work on yourself and do not give up


You should seek help in the Graphicriver forum. This is the Audiojungle forum with musicians only so unfortunately they will not be able to help you with the flyers.

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Initially, the question was related to music, we just moved away from the topic)

@FirstNote I am speaking with @Lemonello about graphicriver because he asked me graphicriver but I wanted to work with audiojundje authors