I am searching a people for videohive

Hi to all:

I am searching a people for videohive that approved sell videohive, I will upload my account any video, if you interesting it please show a portfolio form videohive send me a link for email or skype.

My email: jerienvato@gmail.com
Skype: JeriTeam


What kind of partnership, just out of interest? Themeforest is understandable… somebody might be great at PSD designer, but not at Wordpress, so one person handles the design and the other handles the conversion to Wordpress. What did you have in mind for a partnership on VideoHive?

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I need learning more wordpress :frowning: and I need practice more wordpress because maybe hard rejected. I would also partnership wordpress also but difficult find here forums.

No, I;m on about VideoHive… what form do you see the VideoHive partnership taking? Who would do what?

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I want partnership videohive for make any video project for sell videohive on my account, do you understand? sorry my bad english.

I’m just confused what the partnership consists of. So if your partner is making video projects, what is your role in this partnership… just uploading them to your account?

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Yes but money me 50% - 50% people vidoehive

@SpaceStockFootage you need to agree! I would even pay @JeriTeam for this opportunity or gave him a larger percentage :grin:


So just to clarify… I can make a HD motion graphics clip, upload it to my account, and get $5.52 per sale. Or, I can make a HD motion graphics clip, give it to you, you upload it to your account… and I’ll get as low as $1.04* per sale? I must be missing something. Hopefully!

*You’re on a 50% royalty rate, and Chile doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US, so there’s 30% withholding on US sales… and I’m assuming the 50/50 spilt would be after taxes.


I am from chile 50% but a question I need understand very good… How many sales will I upload my videohive account?

Oh this thread is hilarious :smile:



All of them


Not entirely sure what you’re asking, but my point is: why would I want to make an item, upload to your account, and get 50%… when I could make an item, upload it to my account, and get 100%?

I would like to upload two accounts (my account 50% and your account 100%), are you in agreement?

Is it 1 April today? :wink:


ohhhh my God!!! Best thread ever!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m going to decline, but thank you for the kind offer.


If you want I will upload your account videohive? do I can add skype for i start work with you in videohive?