I am receving emails form impact "Issue Preventing Payment - Please Update Your Account Information"

I am receiving emails from Impact regarding the subject “Issue Preventing Payment - Please Update Your Account Information” from “app.impact.com”. Is it necessary to submit this information? If I fail to submit to the Envato account, will there be any issues? Is this requirement only for the affiliate account? As an India-based company, which form should I submit, “W8-BEN-E” or W8-BEN? Please help us clarify this situation.


Just increase minimum payment threshold so you wont get email , once you update bank account and submit form you will receive payment , if you do not want payment you can ignore email balance will be in your account only

you can still ask support by ticket

Electronic Tax Documents W8-BEN-E ?

Form W-8BEN is used by foreign individuals who receive nonbusiness income in the U.S., whereas W-8BEN-E is used by foreign entities who receive this type of income

Yes but it may be related something with Impact or your account
( not related to tax, if you haven’t submitted the W8, you’d be still getting paid )

Contact Impact for details.

I need to submit the ‘W-8BEN-E’ form as an Indian company, correct?


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