I am not want to hearing AUDIOJUNGLE sound watermark again on the website. How?

I can’t believe that you said. People who need to buy a music come here on the website and they lesion and feel, and what they got is AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE again and again, and you are saying they didn’t blem blame this for ten years…Holy shxt! I think that’s your problem, you should thing about that.

Yes,they are. And you too. You also have sign in account,you have web cookies, you can track every click. But shops didn’t force people listen AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE again and again when they pick up goods.

an official response…I think you are official enough.

I just curious why Envato did this. It is kindly to creator but worse to customer. Did this could pretect copyright? No. Peoole who didn’t want to pay money on music, they just not pay it. No matter how many AUDIOJUNGLE you put it on, they just not pay it. BCZ they didn’t need to.
Guess what yesterday I hearing a music play by a video it contains the watermark in it. They didn’t care. And for a pro customer it’s easy to remove the watermark if they didn’t want to pay. So put watermark is not protect copyright in effect and it‘s not a good way Never. It’s a stupid and lazy way. It makes customer feel bad and remember who is the leader in a market. CUSTOMER.

OK, enough. I feel bad when I pick up music on your product. I quit. feel happy that they are still a lots choices for me to not suffer AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE…

You don´t want to suffer “AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE”, ok!.

It´s easy, pay for the music.

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Then you should present your suggestions to Envato support and they will take them under advisement.

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Before you buy anything you need to PICK UP!
and the process of pick up is MUST suffer AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE

You can not avoid it whatever paid or not. It’s not easy, understanding?

We’re not getting anywhere with this. You can submit your feedback to Envato Support (link here), meanwhile, this is how the marketplaces have been since their inception and as @SpaceStockFootage mentioned, this was never a problem.

You can submit your feedback to Envato. We, as moderators, cannot do anything in this regard except guide you to the support staff where your feedback can be analyzed.

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If you pay you can download the original file without the watermark.


He knows that. His point is that you can’t find the track you want without listening to the previews.

Oh, you still can’t understand?
You must listen a lots of songs before you decide to buy one. so you can not avoid the AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE sound even you want to pay one.

Is this hard to understand?
Why are you continue talking pay it pay it, you are assume people here are not going to pay money as Envato too?

I am talking about the shopping feeling and I found here only cares about you paid or not.

every body just want you pay it. You guys even make a youtube vedio told ppl to pait it, is that funny.

I told you what is funny: I am not going to pay for it! And you are lost a customer now. this is funny.

How can I spend money on this painful system.

It’s a music selling system and it did not care about feeling.

so bad to be a music seller.

Hi @real999! There is one very useful topic on the forum.
You can look here. :arrow_down:

Good luck! :wink:

All stock music markets have a watermark. You may not like it but it is how it is and it is NOT going to change. Where are you getting this audacity that you know better how Envato should ran their business? You are new here but you act like you already know everything. If you do not like it here, just move on. No need to make a drama out of it.

Hi, @real999

I can understand your point of view but this is a big market with a very clear & well-defined infrastructure. You can leave this market if you are frustrated about watermarks. We as contributors won’t change this system, we can not. Also, as @SpaceStockFootage told you before watermarks are protecting our intellectual property and in the past, we saw several cases where this was not enough, people downloaded watermarked tracks and they used in a video with distorted watermark.
Yes, it’s true: a thief will be a thief… but for us, this watermark is protection & in the same time we don’t think that each customer will stole our work.
These are rules but you have a load of choises to move on. :slight_smile:

You are not smart but stupid.
I already said I saw it.
Guess why I think this system is hopeless. it is.

Yes I know it could not be changed. So I choose to left.
Yes I did know something but not everything, I just know I have better choice.
That’s good enough.

Please do not need to go personal, otherwise you will be removed from the forum sooner than you think.

fair enough!
I want say: Yes, the system won’t be change by itself, someone will change it. Always.
Let’s move on.

@SpaceStockFootage please close this thread and ban him already.


Buddy, arguing with an unsatisfied customer is useless.

Also, I think this topic is overthinked.

Moderatooors, please… @SpaceStockFootage @Enabled @Manriquedelara