I am not sure if ready my flyer "Gamer" :)

Hello Everyone:

Before sending graphicriver, please check if it is unique in graphicriver thank you.



All the objects are poorly isolated. The shadows are wrong. Also you cannot play games with an empty computer case.


Thank you, I will change the elements thanks.

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n2n44 advised you to carefully work out the product and not to rush. But you didn’t even bother to cut out the objects neatly.
And this is not the first time. You make the same mistakes hoping to get a new result. You write “I am not sure if ready” all the time. This is the road to nowhere. You are trying to play the lottery. But Envato is not a lottery. If you want to be successful, you need to have confidence in your product. But if you’re not sure, you should at least try to start learning about design. But you stubbornly don’t want to do this and keep making the same mistakes over and over, again and again and again :man_shrugging:


indeed, i understand that people may have to deal with situations in which they need to get money and thus need to have products for sale and so on … though, as u mentioned, this is a “short cut” and here is definitely not a get-rich-quick place (unless u are a huge player to say the least) and the bottom line is that success does not come easy , this what some people fail to realize. As for Jeri goes, i used to tell her to take her time and focus on quality but she keeps on rushing overly , unfortunately …

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hi Jeri there are lots of things to fix (this is the bottom line)
let’s get started

1- execution
as mentioned by most of the people replying first , u cannot expect to go anywhere here if the bare minimum requirement is not insured , to say the least. U have to cut items properly after selecting them cautiously

2- disposition
as u may see, there are very big discrepancies between the diverse areas of this item … some like the central bottom part are crammed, while some others are very empty and honestly having not enough work and interest as well , like what happens with both sideways …

3- typo
how can i say , please do not take this personally, but the is really not looking good at all … between the central typo being covered with messy color stains and the rest lacking variations, font combinations, touches of originality and relief as well, indeed, the two part must be redone from scratch …

4- z-shape reading process …
if u know what i am talking about, this is the way that eyes are sweeping across any single document … this process also determines where this is fine to place important information and elements … the problem is that , at the moment, u do not have anything interesting placed in the impact areas …

5- spacing
look, either in the header or the footer, texts seem to be placed randomly and this is impossible to read a guideline when it comes to spacing in particular … the problem is that spacing turns out to be a basic design principle. In other words, messing with it is a very bad idea and let alone could be a reason explaining a rejection …

6- hierarchy
i told u TIMES AND TIMES AGAIN that u should forget about the “club” in the header like this , especially in small size like this, not only is this far from original but honestly this makes no sense at all , pls see next point …

7- branding
if u understand a little bit what “your target” is searching for , then u will realize that anyone buying an item here is looking for having their brand valued, noticed and remembered … the issue being here that both name or a possible logo would be relegated to secondary information status, with what u have , needless to say that this is not reaching the target and related objectives in the end

8- coherence
what is “gamer” meaning in this case? what is the flyer supposed to be used for? we have no idea of all this at the moment … if u say “gamer night” , “gamer session” “gaming festival” , “promotion on gaming” or whatever , the purpose becomes clear …

9- titles
u have to identify that a title has to be given the right attention and positioning , this must be a central element in anything that u are doing as this is answering the most important question of all “what” so that a potential buyer will expect this to pop out. this means much because this implies a lot of things in terms of size, positioning , colors and so on. To say it differently , this title part must the number one thing that u see at first sight , a single glance not lead to fix your look at the concerned element and identify what is the most important of all (this is what i started to evoke in the “hierarchy” section)

10- central composition
sorry to say just this, but this is way too dark, nothing is popping out this very dark color composition all the way tends to flatten and sort of merge all elements rather than any other thing, pls see next point

11- shadowing and depth
what u have right now is not good enough about it , not only is the shadowing far from convincing but the global super dark environment give people the feeling of a bit massive block in the middle rather incompatible with the idea of a composition …

12- repetition
normally this is a basic design principle and this is supposed to be good but indeed, not like this … the fact of the matter is that , apart from making very little sense , this is even a bit confusing to have a head making people think of an event and to have a footer referring to a “shop” so that people do not understand what the item is supposed to stand for …

13- harmony
u should try to avoid “pairings” that are rather unlikely , whether this is about use elements, colors or whatever else … see next point

14 - colors
the pink color that u use is sort of coming out of the blue, hard to understand what is supposed to justify this color … u have to think in terms of complementary colors , theme code colors or shades of the same colors, these are safe choices indeed … here u have mostly black and red, but a bit of black and blue and this pink coming for no reason … this is bringing disharmony and misbalance to the table indeed

15- background
the base is rather nice and appropriate for the gaming work and computer-oriented acitivities, no matter what they are but the thing is that this is still too simple , too much of a doodle, envato marketplaces are professional ones and with the number of people “in town” and large catalogue of already approved items, u cannot expect to just get the easy way out like this … much more work is expected again …


It’s quite good looking jerry and also it also looks unique

are u being serious? this is the very first time that i make a 15 point description of things that are not ok … i understand that people need not be “squashed” but , if u ask me, not providing them with the “ugly truth” is no helping either