I am not sure if approved my video :(

Hello to all:

Please check my video make after effects cc 2021 I hope good video

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I’m guessing you’re just learning After Effects?

  • All the animations are WAY too slow.
  • The graphics/visuals look very outdated. It reminds me of old movie maker videos from the early to mid-2000s.
  • There are a bunch of masking errors. Sometimes the edge of a graphic is cut off, other times elements can be seen before they were intended.
  • The animations are way too static with no emotion. You should learn how to use animation curves to adjust timing and easing, while also getting a good understanding of the fundamentals of animation.
  • No clear direction as to how this should be used aside from being a generic corporate theme.

It’s a decent attempt, but there’s still A LOT you need to learn. If you enjoyed putting this together then I say keep going and keep making new things, but don’t expect to be able to make marketplace items from something that you have little to no experience with prior, but by all means, definitely keep getting feedback!