I am not getting prompt support from magesolutions

I have purchased a theme ETHAN - LUXURY FASHION MAGENTO 2 THEME. I am not getting prompt response on my tickets raised to arrowhitech. My Last unanswered ticket is more than four days old. Can anybody do anything about it?


I saw in that item’s comments that you already have a ticket being discussed with the author. They already replied something related to SSH access, most probably they can’t help you without having this…The author is a Power Elite Author, which means you can really trust him :wink:

What you can do is:

I’d choose the first option :hugs:

@ArrowHiTech, can you help us, please?

Hi @hevada,

Did you open a support ticket on our support system ( https://arrowhitech.ticksy.com/ ) ?
If yes, please tell me your ticket Id.
I will check and ask our developer reply you soon as possible.

Best regards,

I have given access to Admin panel and FTP. On their site they assure response to ticket in 24 hours. Your response and moderation only means I will get slower response. If they have too have many tickets it only means they have more load then they can handle and the theme they are supporting have too many issues. I would like to be tolerant but your moderation does not help this situation since a little word to them also might have helped. I would appreciate more prompt response to my tickets…

Yes the support ticket was raised on your support system. Last ticket was raised on 2nd / 3rd August with ticket No 2492904.

Thank you for the response.
Our developer will reply to you shortly.

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Could you please arrange response for ticket #2492904. I had to disengage the admin user since I did not get a response for five days. Request you to respond urgently.


We see your comment and thanks for your admin info again, please be slight patience, you set the theme wrong earlier and we have been working to help. We will update you as soon as done.