I am not able to install wellspring theme!

I bought Wellspring Wordpress Theme, but am not able to install it.
It comes a message out of Admin panel saying:
“The site coulnd not by reached. Try to look if firewall or proxy is blocking the connection.”
I don’t know anymore what I should do.

Please Help.


Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:


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In case of need:

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Sometimes themes come as a .zip folder but you may require to open this to then find the exact .zip file to upload, depending on the theme. Once you are convinced it’s the right .zip file; it should be a simple dashboard > themes > upload theme.

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sometimes it happens most properly you just upload zip without extracting so its show this error or sometimes its PHP version problem. if you want I can check it for you

thank you

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Thank you all fellas!
I got it by extracting the zip file and then I uploaded from SFTP server.
With that been maded I could finally installed on Wordpress. :slight_smile:

Now I’m facing other situation… plugins that came with the theme are asking from it’s purchasing licenses… Can anyone help me understanding why?

Thanks Again!!


I’ll be happy to clear this for you.

Theme Bundled plugins do not have their own licenses (purchase code). This means they cannot be activated mean registered for updates. So you can safely ignore any plugin activation/registration messages and Theme Bundled plugin will work fine for you.

All bundled plugins update responsibility is the theme’s author. Just always download the theme latest version to get latest update plugins and update bundled plugin manually.

If you really want to auto update features by one click then you have to purchase individual license for the plugin(s) and you have to register/activate the license.
You can check this Help article:

Automatic updates and support directly from the plugin author is only for those who will purchase the plugin directly from the plugin author from codecanyon.


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Thank you for helping me.
Now I understood! :slight_smile


Open and extract the required zip file and make sure to upload that properly. It will work fine for you

You can also see documentation files and try to do the installation in the way as defined in docs

Thank you