I am Not a Robot

I have just started using Elements.

On every single download I have to perform the TWENTY following tasks:

  1. Press Download.

  2. Select project

  3. Press “Add & Download” button

  4. Tick “I am not a robot” challenge.

  5. Solve visual captcha identifying road signs

  6. Wait for captcha to process

  7. Solve a second captcha, this time identifying vehicles

  8. Wait for captcha to process

  9. Solve yet another captcha, more roads signs

  10. Wait for captcha to process

  11. Solve yet another captcha, more vehicles

  12. Wait for captcha to process

  13. Solve yet another captcha, more roads signs

  14. Wait for captcha to process

  15. Solve yet another captcha, more vehicles

  16. Wait for captcha to process

  17. Solve yet another captcha, more roads signs

  18. Wait for captcha to process

  19. Press the “Add & Download” button again

  20. Wait for photo to download

The number of captchas I have to solve is steadily increasing, it started with just one or two, so far the record is 12.

For a paid service, this is ridiculous. I appreciate that Google needs to gather road-related data to teach their self-driving AI, that’s terrific for Google, but Envato should not be subjecting THEIR paying, logged-in customers to this usability mess.

This has got to be a mistake, right?

Is there any way to fix it?


Speak to support… steps 4 to 20 seem a bit extreme.

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Thanks SpaceStockFootage. I did submit a ticket but no reply yet.


I have same issue. super annoying. after paid for the service. It just start give me more and more" I am not a robot ". it’s just so difficult to download anything.

Yeah, it is mind-boggling that a paid service so much harder to use than the free photo sites. Even setting aside the cost, Elements is just unusable, I stopped trying after a couple of days.

When support did eventually contact me, they simply said that they were “unable to reproduce” my issue and left it at that.

I think the problem might be that the majority of subscribers never get around to working seriously with Elements, or they are downloading a few large items such as videos or themes rather than dozens of photos, so, they don’t run into this limitation.

From the perspective of Envato Support, people like us, who actually use the system and report this problem, appear to be cranks because most users are not complaining. I think that is a mistake, Envato should take user reports seriously because for every one person who brings up a serious issue like this, another 20 will simply unsubscribe without saying a word.

For my part, I stayed subscribed for the last two weeks in case there was any improvement. At this point, however, it is clear that no-one at Envato is going to realize how bad this is, so, I have now unsubscribed before I get billed again. This has been a complete waste of $29, I am just relieved that I was not tempted to sign up for the annual plan.

For professionals who need stock photos quickly and cannot afford to spend ten minutes solving captcha puzzles for each one, Elements is not a viable option. Very disappointing.


Can’t agree with you anymore. I just feel luck that I didn’t pay for the annual plan. 29 dollar is the price for trusting Envato elements fancy promotion.

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even it is happening to me it is waste of money to spent in evanto elements

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Hello I wrote an entire topic on this, along with a suggestion here.


I have the same issue. It’s awful.

If I’m logged in, does that not prove I’m not a robot. Makes this service unusable.

Hi! Please see this reply in another thread - a bug was discovered yesterday that had caused all users to see the CAPTCHAs. A fix has been deployed for this, and it should no longer be causing problems: