I am new to Audojungle Can You Provide any feedback for my Submission

I am new to Audojungle Can You Provide any feedback for my Music Submission.
If you find any misake please tell me

I updated my demo link:-


Please look @Romantic_City @niVio_sound @Soundtrickz @Octopusic @Pandocrator . Thanks

I agree with Soundtrickz’s comments. Also, panning the drums that far from center is also not very good. The track is too experimental and incomplete. I recommend that you, for a start, write a simpler and more understandable track. It is best to use the reference track to understand structure, development and arrangement. I wish you success!


Thanks @Soundtrickz @Romantic_City for the feedback. I am glad to see your reply :slight_smile:
Rejection is not a worry the main concern is the right direction at the right time .
I will make another demo soon then i post in this thread.
Really thanks again :+1:

Regards CodeDaddy

in the beggining there is some distortion, probably from piano, watch out for pianos’s frequencies they are harsh

you are implying so much drama with the drums-percussion while there isn’t any
the drums sound also too mechanical

all brass melodies are so repetitive

very poor amount of instruments, only drums,piano and brass

drums are also in left channel and distracts your attention and its not balanced

try to use more instruments and make a magical journey with your song, use more intruments, and be careful to make all “players” (instruments playing) to sound coherent

this would be never accepted anywhere, its needs TON of work

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