I am new comer . Give me I idea how to start?

Can any one tell me about new ideas about cide canyon.how I could start work on it? From where I should start?

You have to choose a subject that interests you and you can start now, after that depends on what you can do (wordpress plugin, php script, …) you just need a web server (free if you want to work in localhost) :grinning:

work =)

As well I think no one will present you his unique idea. We all were at this point where we’ve thought we have no idea of anything. So we started brainstorming and looking up other products.

My tip for you, if nobody wants to tell you any idea: Try to merge two products into one awesome.

It’s hard to fight for luck and money on CodeCanyon… you will need a lot of free time :blush: :sunny:

Take time to learn about existing products, and then create your own unique product :slight_smile: