I am looking to create a site with similar functionality to Ripoffreport

I am looking to create a site with similar functionality to Ripoffreport

Main functionality requirements include:

  • Ability for users to create an account and submit a complaint
  • Ability for other users to comment on that complaint
  • Ability for the person being complained about to post a response and have that be either highlighted or called out in some way to indicate that they are the accused party

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I’m not looking for someone to build this site for me…I’m looking for guidance on how to piece this one together on my own, whether it be links to specific plugins, solutions, or just some thoughts on what I should be searching for so I can locate that stuff myself.

Hi ! ,

i can build that for you from scratch along if you have any functionality in your mind ,
check my last script

This item was featured on CodeCanyon

you can send me a message .
cheers .

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I want a WP theme like this-----

here is my domain name— Viruspeople.com and Virusbusiness.com

every user will report for any bad business in Virusbusiness.com
every user will report for any bad peoples in Viruspeople.com

Main functionality requirements include:

User Side

Login Details

  • Login by username and password
  • Java script validation for all fields
  • Forget password

Registration details

  • Basic account information such as username and password
  • Basic Contact information such as Email
  • Java script validation for all the fields
  • Captcha Validation is required

Submit Complaints

  • Enter the company name and title
  • Select the Country and Category
  • Enter the Complaint detail
  • Enter the website url, image and keyword
  • Enter the captcha and submit

Ask Experts

Users any doubt ask question in ask experts


News are posted

Top Complaints

Important Complaints are listed in this category

My Complaints

  • User complaints are listed in this page
  • User can change the password change in this page

Admin Side

Manage Ad’s

  • View the Ad’s List
  • View the particular Ad’s
  • Delete the Ad’s
  • Add the Ad’s

Manage Complaints

  • Approved Complaints
  • Unapproved Complaints
  • Complaint Email List
  • Reported Complaints

Approved Complaints

  • View the approved complaints only
  • View Particular Complaints
  • Edit & Delete the complaints

Unapproved Complaints

  • Admin Approved Complaints in this page
  • Delete the unapproved comments

Complaints Email List

Complaints Email List are Download in this Link

Reported Complaints

Report the complaints are listed

Manage Comments

  • Approved Comments
  • Unapproved Comments
  • Comment Email List

Approved Comments

  • View all approved comment in listed
  • View particular comment
  • Edit & Delete comment

Unapproved Comments

  • Admin approved the comments in this page
  • Delete the Comment

Comment Email List

Download the Comment Email List

Manage Mails

  • Complaint replay mail
  • Comment replay mail
  • Forward mail

Manage News

  • View the all news
  • View the particular news
  • Edit & Delete the News
  • Add News

Manage Consumer Resource

  • View the all Resource list
  • Add resource

Manage Ask Experts

  • View all the Questions
  • View all the Answers

Manage FAQ

  • View all the FAQ
  • Edit & Delete the FAQ
  • Add FAQ

Manage Agent

  • Add Agent
  • Agent List
  • Agent Complaints List


  • Manage Users
  • Manage ip address
  • Manage news alerts
  • Reports
  • Manage report
  • Keyword filtering
  • Manage country
  • Privacy policy
  • Site settings

Manage Users

  • View all users
  • View particular User
  • Delete user
  • Approved or Unapproved users

Agent Side

Submit Complaints

  • Enter company name and title
  • Select country and category
  • Enter complaint detail and company url
  • Enter keyword
  • Enter your name and mail

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