I am looking for the best WordPress themes and plugins for sharing photographs with family.

Hello everybody!
I am looking for the best WordPress theme for sharing photographs with family.
What I have in mind is a site similar to 23snap, Cluster, or eFamily.

eFamily | Your Family’s Home.

Share Family Photos | 23snaps

Cluster - Private group sharing with friends and family.

The aims and main functionalities it needs are:
・ the ability to share family photos.
・ the ability to share photos privately, only with invited family members.
・ the ability to upload photos.
・ the ability to add and manage family members.
・ the ability to create albums.
・ optimal design for photos.

I am thinking that I will probably be using BuddyPress, but rather than a Facebook-style timeline design, I am hoping to have more of an image gallery design.

I would like to know if anyone has a theme or an idea that would let me implement the above services.
Thank you for your help.

Almost certainly that is going to need custom building as those examples are dedicated sites for that purpose.

You may be able to find a plugin to help construct private galleries as part of buddypress but that is still a hack job to achieve your goal rather than a purpose developed solution

You will also need huge investment in hosting and security to handle a site like that properly

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You can use systems like Dropbox. You can upload photos. Only with invitations you can see folders with images.
I don’t know how much images you will have but I think this will be cheaper and you will get almost all what you want.