I am looking for the best theme for this project

Hello all, I am in need of your suggestions in choosing the right wordpress theme that would have the following features

 Basic
 Advanced
(10 days free trial, and then pay $30/month afterwards. Refer someone and get 50% commission every month they pay for signal subscription)
 Elite club investor (Registrant will need to contact us)
 Private Fund Investor

Notes 1:
• The affiliate must be active in the month of consideration to benefit from the referral commission. Ref 3 above
• Elite club investor pays $500. Any time the pool of the trading capital doubles, the proceed is shared equally among members. The lock-up period is 1 year. Members pay yearly activation fee of $50. Twenty people make up each investment group, e.g GROUP 1, GROUP 2, GROUP 3, etc.
• Private fund investor needs $1,000 and above. They open a trading account using our recommended brokers. We manage the account and the proceeds of trading that accrue to the account every month is shared in the ratio 70:30% between the investor and elitetradehouse. The investor can withdraw his/her capital whenever he desires.
• Whenever an affiliate refers 20 Elite Club Investors, he/she gets 1 year trading signal free of charge.
Notes 2:
 Email alerts ( this shall be the only means of sending signal for those on 10 days free trial)

 Free fund management for the Academy
 50% of the Elite Club Investors’ yearly activation fee
 50% of signal subscribers’ monthly subscription fee

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