I am looking for song. (I wrote to everybody, the youtuber, stuff and other i got only some things). Search engine do not work properly.

I am looking for this song in video of Think media a.k.a. Sean Cannell.
Here is the link https://youtu.be/qQ5GI4p30_8?t=16s
It is from 16 sec to 24 sec.
I got this screenshot that it do not have proper name but they sent me screenshot and the duration is 1:24.
I started to find at audiojungle.net but the “searching tool” do not work. I mean i wrote the length from 1:23 to 1:25 and i refresed the page, clicked search button and still nothing. It showed me songs that were long 3 minutes. (On second screenshot)

They told me it is from audiojungle.net

Could you help me please?25%20AM%20(1)

Jaroslav Lajta, Slovak republic.

That one :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.


glad to see the track is found!

But I have also noticed this problem: when searching for my own songs… I see that the length that is presented on the main page is only… the full length of the PREVIEW!!! So I take the time to prepare a full, medium, short versions of my tracks, you’ll find them… but only the length of the preview is shown…

I can see this on your screenshot here:
you show “Hip-Hop this”: this track is available in many different versions, and none of them is 3:19…
Why do they show this length, that means absolutely nothing?