I am looking for plugins that may exist inside the envato elements subscription.


I wanted help to find plugins inside the envato elements subscription that may help me with the following below. I have found plugins outside that are single purchase but my main option is using the ones that envato elements have.

  1. Only allows customers to check out if their cart total is equal to or greater than the established amount.
  2. Only registered and logged in customers can see product prices and can purchase.
  3. Decide which customers are allowed to buy from my store, enabling the accounts I deem appropriate.
  4. Simplified login with an email address instead of username.
  5. Add mandatory VAT number field and Company name in billing address, in order email and in order details in backend.
  6. The registry is saved to Woocommerce so that there is no necessity of typing it again on the checkout page.

Thank you.