i am looking for "call center with POS" software, how could i asked the authors about such software .???

i am looking for “call center with POS” software, or (CRM+POS)…

i have restaurant and i am managing the restaurant from POS (point of sale) system separated of the calls system.

i need a software solution that can handle my customers calls with their information, i need the customer data (name, address, orders history) to be view for the call center agent when he answer the call immediately, and in the same time to be connected with the POS system or the POS to be included in the system itself the software. (CRM+POS)

That sounds very specialist and very expensive.

This is not something you will/should find on a stock marketplace especially if you are handling that volume and type of data.

I would google dedicated restaurant apps that are designed with this type of functionality in mind.