I am looking for a topic for the warehouse and postal delivery.


I am looking for a topic for the warehouse and postal delivery.
The algorithm is as follows:
The client, at the entrance to the site, registers in his personal account, with the receipt of the postal address. The customer buys this product in a third-party store with delivery to the warehouse address. Upon receipt of the purchased goods by the customer, the goods enter our warehouse. The customer chooses the service in his personal account, for example, “The delivery service of goods to one kilogram or pound (several options).” Next, draws up the purchase and pays. After sending us the goods purchased by the customer, it is necessary to enter the tracking number, for example, USPS. It should be possible to track the sending (USPS).
As an additional service, the customer can order, for example, an order for the purchase of goods in a third-party store.
Need support for multiple payment systems (Paypal and others).


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You may need a custom plugin for something like that. You may want to reach out to one of the custom PHP developers on Envato Studio to see if they would be up for the job.


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Maybe I am missing something but let’s assume for example I buy a pair of shoes in a third party store… these get delivered to your warehouse before being processed and sent on to me.

Why would I not just have them delivered directly to me in the first place?

Would that not be quicker, more cost effective and straightforward?