I am looking for a theme

I am looking for a similar theme like this, http://www.malahini.mv, do think this is available?

Thank you


Yes it is available. You can use Y Theme that provide the best solution for fullPage website:

Check: http://wordpress.framework-y.com/fullpage/

Thank you

Thanks, it’s really nice, also will it be difficult to create pages and link it to a graphical menu if I know WordPress? Also do you have a HTML templates like this?

Thank you again

I dont know if you were looking for the side menu like that or you were looking for more of a look and feel/capabilities of (http://www.malahini.mv) If so we offer a static HTML5 theme that may suite you.

Here - http://themecub.com/avara/



Hi again!

The WordPress version is more easy if you don’t know coding. You can check the admin with the live demo and the video of http://wordpress.framework-y.com/fullpage/.

There is also the HTML version (and is sync with WordPress). It is a very big framework with a dedicated doc, you will not find similar features in any other product. You can check: http://www.framework-y.com/templates/fullpage/template-fullpage-documentation.html under templates section.

But I advice you to wait 2-3 days for the new fullPage Bundle: http://templates.framework-y.com/fullpage
This new version introduce new features and e bigger demo quality. We are fixing the latest details.

Thank you

Thank you for the info, I have checked it and it’s a beautiful theme

Hi … Thank you very much for the information.
I will surely wait for few days and please update me when you are done.

When you do the demo, please can you make video on it? Also why don’t you make a plugin for e-commerce?

Thank you