I am looking for a special slideshow program similar to MemoriesOnTV

To make a slideshow, I use my favorite program, MemoriesOnTV. Its main feature, which I have not seen in any other program, is that it automatically synchronizes the display total video time with the length of the music (the music does not suddenly stop at the end of the video). However, this is only a small part of what this program can do. Its MAIN ADVANTAGE lies in the ABILITY to coordinate the RHYTHM of the appearance of the slides with the RHYTHM of the music (how the feet movement fall into the rhythm of the waltz). An example showing how slides dance right: Dancing St.Petersburg - YouTube Can the program you talk about subordinate the slide-demonstration rhythm with musical rhythm? Do you know another program that has the MAIN ABILITY as MemoriesOnTV? MemoriesOnTV is a very old program and at any time may turn out to be incompatible with the next version of Windows. Thanks.