I am looking for a diary entry application

I need a diary so that users can write all their personal things inside a diary.
Only they can see it and access it, making sure the only access is the user and admin and not anyone else.
I would like to have a link in the profile area (Secret Diary) link
I would like to have it so that when they click on the Secret Diary link for the first time that they must enter a password 6 digits is good enough.
It needs to be like a book with areas for time and dates, so when they want to see an entry that they typed say 2 weeks ago, all they need to do is search for time and date to find that entry in the diary (BOOK).
I currently run InstaRant on a PHP platform site and if the diary application or coded addon needs to be in a sub-domain or a new platform doesn’t matter what type of platform as I am ok with that, or even another site as I have a VPS server and a domain called InstaRants also, so I can make my own Cpanel and add any site platform.
So if anyone can assist with this please contact me here.

Thank you.

You won’t find close to this out of the box.

If you have a sensible budget then you could look for a developer on www.studio.envato.com

Hi Charlie.
Thanks for your reply, I have seen some Calender php platform close to what i am looking for, but it would need to be re coded to allow diary entries and permissions and password, but would that be possible?

Possibly but that’s pretty significant updates (and inevitably there will be more once you get going).

Almost certainly it will be easier to build to purpose rather than trying to hack someone else’s code to suit your need

OK I appreciate your input thank you Charlie, do you know maybe how much it would be to build something like this maybe?

Thank you.

Done properly I would expect it to be thousand of $ - the thing is this is not a single site like most files here - the “network” nature of what you want to do where people have their own profiles and diaries creates challenges with licensing and you really need to think about hosting and security which, if you plan to have a lot of users, could get expensive

Hi Charlie, firstly i would like to clarify that i don’t hack other peoples hard work ever, i have purchased over $10.000 of themes and plugins here at themeforest over the 9 years i have been here and never hacked anything, but what i meant by i have seen other calendars PHP is to tell you that there is already those type of templates out there.
I have got someone to do the diary template for me from complete scratch, so thank you for your great input which has helped me a lot.
Here is a screenshot of the template we are using.