I am having trouble getting Elementor theme kits to work.

I am trying to put up and e-commerce website. The images are not loading up. I am not sure how to get everything working properly. So far, I am going back and forth between Bluehost and Elementor to figure out what is wrong. Does any one have any suggestions or have the same issue?

Hi @wtbusiness, may we know what issue are you facing? Thanks

I am new to using Envato template kits for Elementor. I downloaded a couple so far, however, I just started downloading E-commerce template kits. I was trying to figure out how to get these template kits set up. Some of the images are not loading and some widgets are not working. Every template is different. Who can we contact if the template kit didn’t upload properly? Is there a resource on how to change the settings in Elementor to get the template kits to work? I’ve been troubleshooting between Elementor and Bluehost to get these templates to work. One issue was with my memory limit and I believe that was fixed with Bluehost. I also had an issue with the footer not showing up. I had to change the Elementor setting from canvas to full-width.