I am getting cyber bullied by a buyer. Please help!

Hello Everyone!

I am a HTML5 Game Developer and I sell my games through Codecanyon. Here is my portfolio : https://www.codecanyon.net/user/hamzawasim3/portfolio

I am selling here for 3 years never had any issues before. I have 5 stars ratings on some of my items and I have never received a refund request till now.

Recently a user(Ross48) purchased my game :

You can see the comments from the user (Ross48). He is the one who is bullying me via email. He asked me to send him the Apk file so he can upload it on playstore. I didn’t replied him for 3 days as my internet was not working. I also received his mail in the meantime. I have shared the link for screenshot of the mail. It is nowhere written in my item that you will receive an apk file for free in the package.

I have a demo apk for people who want to see how my game looks in Android smartphone , I have also given a documentation with my game which has the steps on how to create an apk from the html files. So if they want to create an apk on their own they can follow the documentation. In the apk file there is a unique id by which each application gets identified something like this : com.xxxxx.xxxx . This dude doesn’t provide me any information regarding the Apk file and ask me to create him a apk for $5 which is way too less for me. It is my hard work I can ask him whatever amount I wanted if he doesn’t like my offer he can get it done from someone else I am not forcing him. He then threats me in the mail that he will ruin my business if I ask him more.

Here are the screenshots :

Just wanted to ask you guys , what to do next?
How can I report him for cyber bullying.
Is there anyway I can ban him from envato too.



No worry about Envato have some rules about Customer Refund

If you want to give refund you can there will be no problem and if you don’t want to give him refund then cancel his refund request hope there will be no problem also.


Hi !

I will be happy to give him refund , I don’t want such customers. But he has not asked for refund on envato till now.


Do not offer him refund. Tell him that he could do whatever he wants or just ignore but if the company charges back the amount, his account will be permanently blocked but this is a rare case.

Okay! I will ignore him.


I’d still share those screen shots with envato - there’s no way people should be allowed to behave like that.

Envato Authors Help and Support

I have to remove the links for now though as it has the guy’a personal email on them, and regardless of his behaviour that can’t be shared publicly