I am finding a e-commerce system like this...

Hi everyone,
This is Billy from Hong Kong, I am looking for a theme or shopping system that using in selling PC system or parts, and the system can customise the parts while customers choose the PC systems.

Here is the some existing examples, not exactly the same theme, but only the similar shopping system:


(partly in Traditional Chinese)

(In Japanese)

All that sites are custom made you will not find out of box solution. For long term my advice is to make custom made site . You will take some template and after 1 month of customization you will see limits of that template and at the end it is better to make site from scratch than to change some template. This is specific purpose and there is no templates.
I have plenty such cases in my life.

Thanks for your reply.
I sure that is no such templates or themes, but also the e-commerce system?

My advice is WooCommerce. If you have some budget I can send you my offer?
I will need more details about site?
You can send me private message or you have link from my site in profile.