I am cursed!!!

It seems to me like the more I design here on graphicriver, the less I make. This is the first year that I have seriously started uploading my mixtape designs regularly on graphicriver, but it seems to me that the more I upload does no equate to me making more sales, It’s like the sales have just stopped. I have stopped designing flyer templates as that market is pretty much saturated to death. I feel that there is not enough exposure and only items that were uploaded before 2012 are at the top with huge amounts of sales and newer design get absolutely no exposure at all, not to mention audiojungle sales, I am happy if I get 1 sales every few month, while other tracks worse than mine get hundreds of sales. I think it’s only fair since envato takes a huge cut of the money that they at least do a bit more to promote newer items.

Me designing unique designs and uploading to graphicriver where they bring in sales and customers and we split the money sounds like a good deal, but me designing and uploading and promoting my own stuff and envato takes their cut, not so much.

Anyway, I have been cursed.


Don’t get to down on yourself. Stay positive, and keep creating. Hopefully with time your success will improve. Good luck!