I am constantly rejected. Please help.

I am constantly rejected. Here is one of those projects that I shared the link of. Please help me. Because it’s starting to get really annoying. I’m looking at some of the other projects that have been released and I really can’t believe this project was rejected.

it says the video is private, make it unlisted

can you check now?

Hi, sorry for the rejection. If definitely looks cool, and I feel like the project has the potential to get an approval after some small and big changes. Here’s some things that in my opinion, could be improved:

Overall it the preview looks a bit unprofesional, by that I mean that the stock footages used don’t match well together - if you would put together all the footages used side by side in one frame, you would see that the “whole frames” colours don’t cohesively look good. Sometimes using just black/white footage with a one accent color footage can be much better than all random colors videos.

Second, overall some text compositions have big contrast and readability issues combined with usability problems.

Like the realvfx one with circular text - it looks cool, but the realvfx text is fighting for attention with the background circular texts. If the circular texts were much darker than the realfvx text, it would be better. But then still I would be unable to read the circular background texts. Maybe adding another scene where the same text is readable (and in a simpler format) and then another where it’s just a graphic element (perhaps even showing a few fake shots of how the text is supposedly morphing into its circular form quickly) would make these text placeholders have more sense for end users and for envato reviewers I suppose :smiley:

This same issue happens with the “Urban Dynamic” scene. There’s a text a the very buttom that’s half cut of - it’s unreadable and unusable, unless you again somehow “fully reveal and show this text in a readable form at some point”.

Also the Urban Dynamic texts effect really jumps out from the rest of the video aesthetic. To fix this, simply add a few more similar effects on text or elsewhere throughout the video. Then it will be part of a cohesive video style, and not an odd additive that sticks out.

The distortion effect on some texts looks cool, but if feels like it’s not fully realized. Like it start going to the “ohh this looks cool” place but then it stops shortly after. Maybe adding a full scene with this effect - or different similar effects that are given enough time to animate and reveal their full “coolness” would help. Instead of giving micro flash cut ins where you can’t fully enjoy those effects.

Further more in the “Motion Turn On” scene the text is first not in a the center and looks like a alignment mistake. I know this was done so the later “motion” text could be centered, but I would consider animating this text additionally to make both text combinations look nicely composited in the frame. Preferably in the center.

Also that wavy distortion text is also used quite frequently, soo I can’t guarantee you that using it will give you an approval, unless you really make it cool or give it a new twist.

And lastly I would consider removing the cliché dotty/wavy backgrounds from scenes such as “motion turn on” and others. It doesn’t look that cool and only unnecessarily clutters up the whole look. Only add things that really make your preview stand out and make great. Else consider less is more approach.

So yeah overall everything is close to being really cool, but it’s not quite right in all the sections and general topics that I mentioned. Look at some best selling minimal typography promos. And study how little footage they use and what original effects, or one color inserts they use to “make it pop” so to say and look unique.

Even if you improoved all these aspects of this preview, I’m not sure it will be unique or different enough to stand out and fight the competition. It looks too similar to all the other promos and main effects and techniques used in them.

Maybe if you really went deep into the “Urban” text granulation effect and grealty expanded on it, made the granulation much much bigger in some places, or much smaller, added it on footage, or maybe created footage compositions from it’s shapes - then yeah it could be something that could lead you to an unique approach that could definitely get an approval.

And lastly best of luck! :wink:


Thank you so much for taking the time to review it. Believe me, I will not ignore your advice. Thank you very much.

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