I am bullied by the Themeforest user and staff doesn't care about

I’m here for over 8 years and just can’t believe what Themeforest has become. All of my TF items are under constant spamming attack by one of TF users and nobody wants to help. I’m trying to notify moderators about the problem but there’s no response. It looks like something like that is allowed and quite normal. What’s even worse is the fact that the psycho didn’t even buy these items but still allowed to shit all over the place.

Here’s the screenshot of how my dashboard looks like: https://prnt.sc/fn5klk

What happened?
This guy was pissed off because I didn’t want to refund. He bought my theme and just wanted the money back. Why not having both, money and the theme, it’s a win-win combo here at TF, right? Everything is allowed!

Hopefully someone will notice my post and do something.


I’m surprised that support didn’t help with this.

How long ago did you contact them? Did you use a regular support ticket?

Some people create big problems and some ask us to customize the whole theme for them free even though we don’t over paid customization.

I actually flagged each of his posts for moderators review but since there’s a ton of spam I guess I’m banned and not allowed to flag any more. No matter what, my dashboard is full of spam, I can’t know whether there are users who actually need my help.

If you haven’t already I’d def send a message to support who should be able to help rather than just flag the comments because I believe it’s a mastter that should be elevated to them.


Wow, out of curiosity I looked up the Knnel item as it was the first on your item list and I’m shocked. Seriously, didn’t think that people like this would come to such place and make purchase just to throw dirt on someone. This is some serious type of psycho right there.
But on the brighter side, I think someone will take care of 'em pretty soon. He even admitted to the harassment, so…
I reported some comments, too.
Good luck with this case, but you’re not alone, the community and Envato will help and I’m sure of it :slight_smile:

You might be surprised, I recently got some abuse you would expect from a teenager in a basement, but it was from an elite graphic river author. He was banned from the forum so he went and posted abuse on my FB page, just because I suggested he should be more professional. As with this guy, he also had a stars and stripes flag.

Haha that’s crazy! You should have definitely used the Help Center and raise a ticket there. They would certainly ban this user as this is unacceptable behaviour.

I just raised the ticket (thanks charlie4282 for the link) so let’s see what’s gonna happen.

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You never know who’s behind that little avatar. And what “thing” must be dwelling in one’s mind to push him over the edge of what the rest of us consider to be normal?

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Unfortunately, we met these ones sometimes, I also met one.
Ask for many things like buying a theme will allow him to abuse the author’s support to complete all wesite for him. Then, he rated, sweared…on item, reviews…
I did report any comments (but you will soon reach the limits and you cannot report more) or even Envato will help to give a warning, he will keep stalking your fanpage, other channels, all your items page, contact form…
At first, we think that we should, on behalf on the community, educate him and try to be tough with him;
However, finally, we saw that took us too much effort that we have no time for improving or focusing on creating more products so we gave up, end up to refund him to leave us in peace.
God blesses authors! :slight_smile:

There’s a limit for flagging the comments. When it’s too much, it happens but my suggestion is to create another account and keep flagging in case of need. It’s not a good solution but solves it temporarily at least

@feeleep For the time being, please use the “Report this Comment” Flag on the right side of each comment.

I did. Until limit reached. Now it doesn’t work any more.

Oh my God, really?!? I just hope that’s not the same person. I was wondering whether he’s willing to give up if I refund him…

I’m facing the similar situation with you but to the rating system, The customer keeps rates my item 1 stars over and over again to remove the author(me) rate reply. Because I decline his refund request.

@feeleep as an elite author you’re in luck, contact elite level support (drop me a direct message and I will give you the contact address if you don’t know it already) and you should receive a helpful response quite quickly.