I am being overcharged

I tried to cancel the subscription a few weeks ago and recvd an option to get a discount for my next renewal payment which I took instead of cancelling. Now when I look at the amount that I will be charged tomorrow, it is still the regular amount. I tried emailing support about a week or so ago but no help to date. Can someone help me?

Probably you’re getting the discount for the renewal as the cost is not the same as the first year. If you have paid, let’s say 100$ for the first year, the second year is 150$ - paying the same amount means you have already got the discount.

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No hun I pay monthly. I tried cancelling for the upcoming month and the message said it woud reduce it for the next payment but I am not seeing that amount being reflected. It is the original in the backend of my account rigt now set to auto renew tomorrow

Contact support or wait their respond
( Monthly/yearly , same logic )

is there another way to reach them except by email?