I am back and looking for some music for my new template.

Its been a long time since Flash died and FlashDen/ActiveDen is closed. :smiley:

So anyways, I am making a cool template which is final and I will upload for approval today. I am adding a music track there which will play by default and will stop on click.

Can someone tell me where will I get a nice music track which I can use for previews (ONLY) of my template.
I checked the Envato Assets section which is empty now but earlier there was so much to download.

Welcome Back!
There is tons of assets on audiojungle you can use for preview purpose as long as you don’t remove audiojungle sound in the background.

Thanks a lot for telling!

Hello and welcome back!

You can indeed use the preview of any Audiojungle item. All you have to do is link to the AJ item in your own item’s description.

Thank you!