I am at a loss and despair - my work is illogical to reject

Hi, friends
I’m completely baffled :frowning: Two works - almost identical. One is taken, the second is strictly rejected.
It’s not the first time. Only 5 my works are accepted from 12.
Look - https://graphicriver.net/item/meander-ornament-ancient-greek-motive-adobe-illustrator-brushes/20961634
This was accepted

This was rejected

I do these things very qualitatively. I’m just in despair. I do not know if it makes sense to continue working here.
I will be grateful for any advice

Maybe this is the problem :expressionless:

I meant that quality, principle and preview are similar. Style and content are different, of course

GR is becoming more difficult to accept works for the last few years. For some reasons many good designs are being rejected without providing any hints on the reasons apart from the standard “Not meeting quality standards”, you can continue trying or you can try another market. Good luck.

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Thank you for reply :slight_smile: It is not so many sites where it is possible to sell illustrator brushes…