I am a new author in themeforest need help.?

I am a new author on themeforest. I want to upload a landing page. This is the link of live preview AppLover. Please see carefully and help me to find any issu i will solved that. And see is it quality standard.

Sorry, your design html will be hard rejected because is too basic but you need practice more, thanks.


is any spacing typography issue Is available .?

how he got approved https://themextar.net/demos/appscr/white.html if my design have basic

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latest post design is very good but your design applover is too basic need learning and practice more for approved

@Hridoykhan690 this is not the right marketplace for you.

Every thread you have opened references an item that has been rejected for being sub-par, and in each case is an item that is using other peoples’ work.

If you clearly can’t create your own work, let alone professional standard items, then it is respectful and a waste of reviewers and other authors time for you to be trying to submit items.

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its my own think design