I am a father!



I’m a father for two days. She smells like heaven and looks like an angel. I’m in love. I need to go.

Digital beers to everyone.


Cheers :)joy:


Congrats for the birth of your daughter!May she always gives your family happiness :blush:


Such wonderful news! Congratulations on the newborn baby girl :smiley: :baby: :baby_bottle:


Congrats!!! I also have a children girl 8 years old :smiley: I am mother :slightly_smiling:




Congratulations! :tada:


congrats @NoizMan :grinning::+1:


so happy for you buddy :wink: make the most of any second u spend with the people u love and love u back :wink:


Congratulations Ercument! And a warm welcome to this world to your baby daughter :smiley:
Wishing joy and happiness to your family!


wow good news mate, congratulations


Congratulations, man!


Congrats and enjoy !


Congrats! :slight_smile: I know how it feels! :wink:


Absolutely fantastic.

Any man with children is the luckiest man on earth.

You’ve got it all man.


Congrats! :wink:


Congratulations. This is a truly happy news.


Many Congrats, you are very lucky buddy… I wish you good health and happiness only in your family!!! :+1: :tada: :wink:


Thank you so much my friends. My heart is at its maximum size, pounding like thunders, strong as giants now (I’m also a little more soppy).

Happy for those who experienced this great feeling before me. I wish you all feel this someday.

:heart: :tada::v:


Congratulations :baby_bottle: :baby:


Congrats man! Know the feeling! Got a 3 year old and one on the way!