I always get hard reject what is a problem? please tell me thanks..

The project is actually not bad

If I were you, I would pay attention to the structure of the project and although you only use the prefix LT-01 in the names, the client may not always understand your abbreviation. It would be better if you specified, for example, [LT01] Lower Third Titles 01.

It would also be a good idea to have your project structure arranged correctly, because your project structure is a mess.
For example

Name Project

  1. Edit Titles
  2. Render Comps
  3. Assets (Solid)

You have markers to control the Out animation but they don’t work.
You’d better use the built-in features of the program to do that.
You will find it in Composition > Responsive Design - Time > Create Intro/Outro

As for the animation, make sure that you keep a smooth animation throughout the appearance and disappearance and you have nothing twitch.

For example in LT-01 the third text before starting to move to the right when appearing to move all the way to the opposite side of what is happening ugly jerk.
In the same example, you have a figure that simply takes up space and has no practical value.

Have more creative ideas.
Regards motifixer

Hi, I also think that your project isn’t badly executed, even though of course somethig could be better or have more animations.

I think the main reason for rejection is that it’s not unique enough. You made another variation of already existing hundreds if not thousands of “minimal lower thirds” projects. If you want guaranteed approval make something unique, not as overdone. Else of course a slight variation in a familiar formula might get you an approval, but it’s always a risk.