I already submit my flyer on graphicriver but I wait more 3 days :(

Hi to all:
website time reviewer graphicriver say that 2 days http://quality.market.envato.com/graphicriver but I am waiting 3 days :frowning: I not think that come email approved or hard rejected. Please help me thanks.


A question:

Do I can remove my two account old? I need submit ticket support? please help me. Thanks.

You know all the several other times that you’ve started a thread about the average review time being X days, and you’re currently at X days or X+1/2 days… what happened in the end?



A question, graphicriver wait more days or 2 days?

Well if you’ve been waiting more than two days then the wait time can’t be two days. The exact wait time is the amount of time you need to wait until your item is reviewed… no more and no less. Every other time you’ve waited longer than you expected… I’m assuming you had your item reviewed that day, or the next day, or a few days after that… so the odds would indicate that there is nothing wrong and there’s nothing you need to do. There’s no need to delete your items, delete your account, call the police or do anything drastic.


Many thanks than I wait more days :slight_smile: regards.