I already purchased Fastor and download

I I already purchased Fastor and download. How can the theme apply on my Shopify store?


You would need a second license if you want to use the theme on a second site.


What is second license? It is too hassle to install.When I pay for theme, It didn’t mention about second license.

Ahh sorry. I thought you were using the theme on different different sites. There should be install instructions with the theme. You’ll just need to unzip the download file.


It didn’t work. I already upload many times.
I upload the file name fastor-default-v4.5

Did you definitely buy the shopify version and not one of the other formats that use that name?


Please check documentation here: https://docs.roartheme.com/shopify/fastor/

Otherwise contact your purchased theme Author through Item Support page and let them know. your purchased theme Author will assist you.

Also you can post commnets in theme commnets page:


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