I already buy the template but no download links

I already buy the tempale for 49$ but no download link to my email or anything!!!

Hover over your username in the top right corner, and you’ll see a list of options… go to ‘downloads’ and you should see the item in your list of purchases. There you’ll find a download button. If it’s not there, then first double check that the sale went through (i.e your balance has been reduced accordingly) and then contact support so they can help.

Thanks for the information.
But it said that i need to verify my email address. But there’s no email verification in my inbox. I try to resend multiple times but still they dont send me the link.

But They already deducted my balance in my paypal account. I already contact the support but no response.

Have you checked your spam folder?

Yep… There is no email either.
I tried call envato, end up with answering machine.
My case number #555175