Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market

I understand your point here that a constructive discussion will help in getting things better for everyone. But not all of us are UX experts like you or other guys who did provide some feedback. I am here working full time for the last so many years creating items but what I noticed that every single time Envato team tries/claim to be working towards increasing authors sales it affect adversely the majority of authors. I am open to constructive changes if it helps the community but if I find my sales plunged 50-70% instantly after any of those changes then I would certainly panic and try to convey my situation through these forums.


Perfectly understandable and normal to give feedback even if you’re not an UX/UI expert. Was simply stating it’s great to give feedback here but to keep in mind that the sale fall could be due to the cooldown period post-discount.

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Do you think that the post sales/discount cooldown period is over now? Because here everything about sales are freezed since 25th March

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Wouldn’t be able to tell as these are always different. For example, 2 years ago after CyberMonday I remember fluctuations a month after the event ended :expressionless: - hopefully this will not be the case - sales on ThemeForest are pretty low as well based on the popular week page… Do you guys still see the design of the test live? I see the old design has been returned.

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Yes, the old design has been returned since 6-7th April, maybe earlier. I think it’s more user-friendly.

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Does anyone notice that live help been removed from the help page? Is there a way to report some issues? On Chrome browser, I can`t access the analytics page of my item (yet it works ok via mobile phone). Does anyone experience the same?

I am interested in logo designs, and how often do I upload works to me, but you refuse to help me

Thanks a lot for the update. Seems like this tread is actually the only source of such information, so these updates are really valuable. And it is good we can talk and suggest something directly at least here.

Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Making descriptions shorter is understandable, no argument here, I never scroll more than two times either. Though I do scroll a few times, so please leave some space visible for the client so that the latest changes will be available there, like for instance this banner in Jacqueline’s description - http://prntscr.com/11fnn3b

1.1. Another important factor - support and documentation buttons. If we hide description, the client will have trouble finding them. Maybe they need to be located somewhere visible like these spots - http://prntscr.com/11fo2w1

Maybe you want even make them dynamic and tell clients how many months of support for the item they’ve got right on the button. And ask them renew it if they are running out of support time. In case the theme hasn’t been purchased by the client the button will just say “Buy support” - like a separate product, i mean. You’d be surprised how many people get pirate copies of themes from somewhere and are still ready to buy support to make their websites actually work.

  1. How exactly will shortening these description affect search “by keyword”? I mean, Envato’s algorithms, of course.
  2. Also, a few interesting ideas that might help get more sales:
  • most stores offer features like “let me know when this product is available”. What I am suggesting here is a feature “let me know when this item is on sale”. It would work even better if that will be visible for everyone and authors will know that people want their items. This voting should certainly work for registered users only.
  • another idea is encouraging people to subscribe to author’s feed (http://prntscr.com/11fsgmv) and most importantly letting these subscribers know when an author releases a new item. Seems pretty reasonable and will help boost the new items immensely.

Sounds Good. Thanks for the information and envato innovations.

I would like to know if this will affect the current size of the description area. Moreover, many authors have graphics that depend on these … have thoughts, will this change too? Could you help?
how can this be adapted

(Olivia,developer “employee monitoring”)

Love all your points and agree with them, but must emphasize this. We do have the follow button, where are the followed items? There was a section for this on the homepage. Haven’t seen it in a while? :thinking:

The shorter description will cut any “accident” visitor visit from google and elsewhere (only this idea shows that it`s been offered by a rookie). Less text means less chance to be discovered (for this reason they increased keyword number in VH from 12 to 50 yet this only helps to stand out within the Envato system, but not from outside).

The description is the only part that properly works outside the Envato ecosystem anyone who worked ever with SEO should know this. If there is a need to shorten the visibility of that part it is easy to build expanding dividers (text extenders upon click on +).

  1. Also, a few interesting ideas that might help get more sales:
    “let me know when this product is available”. - i do not understand how this will activate sale, this thing goes oppositive to “shortening path for the customer to take action to buy”. That again takes attention away and wastes his time.
    “letting these subscribers know when an author releases a new item” - I never follow authors, I just look for a perfect theme that meets my needs. Never thought to become a fan or follow of any author.

You and all customers haven’t seen it in a while. It is hidden very well:


I’d love to see that area back on the homepage with some columns of new items… very well hidden indeed.


All authors would love that. But envato has other plans :slight_smile: