Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market

No worries @BenLeong. Sorry for this.

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I have raising my voice here about the low sales for the last 2 months but nobody was listening. We finished April as our lowest ever month in 8 years I hope now after replies from Power Elite Authors @StylemixThemes @QuanticaLabs this unnecessary testing to ruin an already established/working UI/UX will stop.


I am not sure, if this testing should be the only reason for the sales drop. It seems too simple to me.
There’s a customer forum and I did not find a single message or post or thread, where a customer complains about the new UX design and that it makes him unable to explore and buy items. I am sure, that a long term customer would leave a comment, if the UX design was shredded and makes the envato market unable to use.
Maybe we have a lot of influences to the sales drop I guess. But honestly i cannot identify them all.

When Authors who have been around for a number of years, myself 8 years, experience a dramatic decline in sales this year, particularly when testing has been taking place then something may be not right. It seems to be too much of a coincidence that many authors from a variety of marketplaces are affected in the same way at the same time.

I don’t have doubts that many authors are affected at the same time. I don’t have doubts, that the testing will have an impact to the drop of sales. But I have doubts that this testing is the only reason for the sales drop.
I talked with authors from other marketplaces and they experienced also a sales drop this year. I am sure, that there are a lot of reasons for the sales drop and a huge impact has the global pandemic.
Have you ever heard from a customer complaint about the UI/UX changes? Me not.

Everything is a good change, such things are needed. Congratulations, I wish you continued success.

We’re in the same boat. Our sales dropped by 60% in April with several days in which we’ve seen no sales at all. I believe this is the highest sales drop we’ve ever had in a single month since we’ve joined Envato.

I can’t tell whether this was due to any on-going test or not, but we’re glad to see that the testing is now over, and hopefully the Item’s description and the sidebar is here to stay in its current form, especially since there was no difference (as you said) in performance.


Are the tests truly over? I’m still seeing the collapsed sidebar version, both when logged-in, as well as in Incognito.

@BenLeong @sunnicee Please stop flashing Envato Elements banner from themeforest user profile. It’s showing at every refresh even if clicking on the close button.


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