Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market

Same here as well, it’s something unusual, also can’t tell if it has something with the testing to do


I had good sales for 3 days in the end of last week and then nothing for last 5 days. Very weird.


Did the experiments stop? I don’t see the variants anymore? Anyone else still see them after clearing cookies?


We are also seeing the “classic” layout, we already had forgotten how beautiful it looked with all the author info and full description! It brought tears to our eyes :laughing:
Now let’s pray for the classic look to stay for good!


Is there any news about this?

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The logo is not displayed on my items :disappointed:

I updated the logo about 3 days ago. But my products have not updated the icon. Maybe this is related to testing? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I would be grateful for the information! :slightly_smiling_face:

That looks like it’s coming from your browser cache mate! :blush:

I cannot see his thumbnails either, so not a cache issue.

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@AudioSport should to contact Author support. Something wrong in their portfolio page. If search with keyword AudioSport then in search result showing all of their items with the logo/thumbnail, also category page is showing logo/thumbnail, but portfolio page not showing for all items.

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@Creattive, @AudioSport, can you please share your Browser version and Operating System version? I’m tagging @rosssimpson from the engineering team. He can look into this for you! :blush:

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Thank you guys for your help. Here is my browser version:

Google Chrome

@Enabled I wanted to send my operating system data to you in a private message, but for some reason your profile is hidden :slight_smile:

Added you guys a private conversation. Let’s continue there! :blush:

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Tests continued, Metadata is hidden for me again. I really don’t know what’s the benefit of this, literally no other data is shown more prominent now.

Hiding IMPORTANT data like what plugins and software are required to run a template (in my case) without having any benefit is beyond my understanding, I don’t know why this is even tested.

If this leads to more sales then only because people buy items they cannot use but didn’t know about. I really hope you do not count this as a succesful experiment in that case. Track the refunds in the coming months!


Test your brain first before collecting data. The most annoying platform I’ve ever used. Nothing positive has ever come from the envato team announcements.

What is this new crap design made by Envato? Do you think really users will be attracted to this new design to buy? This looks like a page from 2004, you guys should upgrade your design team, just a suggestion.


Very good new Envato! If that translates into more sales to creators, that’s great!

Just saying:
Distracting users’ attention where it matters the most: above the fold.
Too many links to click, guys.

I mean, why?
i.e. because the “product rating” is the most important thing, especially on a platform where they are so prone to user/client abuse?


Hardly any customers are notice… They should appear/Expanded automatically!