Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market: Item Page tests

Totally agree.


First, I blame myself for not seeing this thread earlier. (I’m little new here)

I read the whole thread and really appreciate all authors’ information.

I will explain my situation too, in brief.
I joined as an Authur in 2020 Jan and I was able to get my 1st item approved in May 2020.
So far I’ve 16 items.
My sales were increasing month by month, from May 2020 to until December 2020.

From 2021 January, It was a big drop of about 50% fewer sales.
Then, Feb 2021 to mid of March 2021 was a little higher than Jan.
but not good like 2020.

From March-end, to now.
It is crazy low sales. It feels like days I had about 2, 3 items in my portfolio.
Even if I add a new template to the portfolio, not much views are coming like earlier.

Since I didn’t notice this thread, I was checking some more author profiles from January.
As everyone mention here, me and all the other authors I was checking, all had more than 50% fewer sales.
And for everyone; even got worse from March end.

I really think Envato must fix this issue.
I honestly feel this is not because of COVD or any other holidays.
We had COVID in 2020 too.

I’m new and have experience only about 1 year.
I can feel the pain of people who are here since 2010, 2011.


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Agree sales and visits are lower…


Same for me, but it happens every year in different periods, no one know exactly why but Nov, dec, Jan are always the better months

Yes, Sales are lower, but if you notice we have 3 new items in the top sellers list. There are definitely authors who are making good sales. It may be right moment to launch new innovative products as marketplace now seems to focus on new products as well.

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