Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market: Item Page tests

I have my doubts, that the little conversion rate should be the problem of the actual situation.
There started tons of competitive platforms on the market in the last few years and all of these platforms share now a more or less fixed amount of customers.
Today I had a talk with one of my Audiojungle customers. Her original words:“I just spend so much time looking for music that fits my videos and to be honest, there is so much cheap crap on audiojungle.”

That’s the problem! Customers conversion rate is so low, because they give up for searching good items. They possibly find one good track in hundreds of search results full of cheap crap. Thanks to the “very good” Envato search engine. AJ desperately tried to keep the head up with a mass of new authors and hundreds of thousands new tracks. Everyone was able to sign up to AJ, without any check of music quality. Yes, AJ has a review process on every single item, but honestly the results speak for itself. Customers are annoyed because of the bad item quality and change to competitors with better items. It’s simply too late now.


The tests started from Dec 2020 and these are our results : Screenshot by Lightshot , even though traffic drop has not been this big the conversion rates have gone down ! Do we have authors who have their conversion rates increased ?


Hi all. Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been out of action for the last few days, and I can see there have been a lot of comments in this thread over the weekend.

I’d like to clarify the scope of the item page experiments in this thread. The tests discussed here have been specifically focused on conversion and bounce rates, and do not represent the full scope of work being conducted across Envato Market. Many other teams at Envato contribute to bringing customer traffic on site, from SEO and our many marketing channels, to paid growth channels that include our affiliates, search and display advertising.

I started this thread so we had a place to provide more transparency about the process of iterative testing that leads to changes you can see on Envato Market item pages: multiple variants, grouped to explore different aspects of the design of these pages, tested against baseline data. Those changes contribute to future page designs when testing and analysis has shown a significant benefit - in this case, changes that contribute to improvements in conversion rates, and a reduction in exit rates.

It’s important to understand that process, as there are often several variants being tested (so people may report seeing different item page versions during a test), and many opinions on which are the best changes to make.

Please keep this thread focused on the item page tests, where feedback or clarification are needed. I recommend creating new threads in the Author Hangout or marketplace-specific forum areas to discuss other topics.


A suggestion for the top pages / category pages:

Please consider adding some promotion / highlighting / filters / ways to discover items that are top earners (because of high price but lower sales numbers)

Bestsellers are always counted strictly based on sales numbers, with no weight given to item price. We feel this does not make sense: often our items are actually earning more than the “bestsellers”, but since the absolute sales numbers are lower, are not actually shown or promoted anywhere.

Imagine a store that sells $1 little trinkets and $10,000 TVs. The TVs make up for 90% of the store’s revenue. However, the store only promotes the trinkets - front page, category pages, trinkets everywhere - customers don’t even know there are TVs for sale unless they specifically search for them. Is that a good strategy for the store?

Our suggestion is to add some options / pages / filters / buttons for “Items our customers love”, where top earners are also promoted.

This absolutely makes sense for everyone: it’s useful for customers, it brings more revenue to Envato and authors, and it incentivizes the correct thing, which is the total revenue ( = value generated).


If moving everything on top helps, good. But please improve the design, now it looks like an amatorial design from the 90’.

Also I don’t understand why you’re removing features related to ratings(users can no longer view ratings count by rating or see reviews of a rating only), and making rating, comments and sales count less visible. You wrote that the results show that moving such info on top bring more sales, you should increase their visibility, not reducing it.

In the past the info were well presented and big, now they looks like basic texts only, and they are much smaller…why?

Thank you!


Also there are basic UI issues like the rating count more visible than the rating itself…now the info are much less readable

Also IMDB made the same, you can take a look at their design as inspiration(they improved the design):

Ex. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110912

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Totally agree.


First, I blame myself for not seeing this thread earlier. (I’m little new here)

I read the whole thread and really appreciate all authors’ information.

I will explain my situation too, in brief.
I joined as an Authur in 2020 Jan and I was able to get my 1st item approved in May 2020.
So far I’ve 16 items.
My sales were increasing month by month, from May 2020 to until December 2020.

From 2021 January, It was a big drop of about 50% fewer sales.
Then, Feb 2021 to mid of March 2021 was a little higher than Jan.
but not good like 2020.

From March-end, to now.
It is crazy low sales. It feels like days I had about 2, 3 items in my portfolio.
Even if I add a new template to the portfolio, not much views are coming like earlier.

Since I didn’t notice this thread, I was checking some more author profiles from January.
As everyone mention here, me and all the other authors I was checking, all had more than 50% fewer sales.
And for everyone; even got worse from March end.

I really think Envato must fix this issue.
I honestly feel this is not because of COVD or any other holidays.
We had COVID in 2020 too.

I’m new and have experience only about 1 year.
I can feel the pain of people who are here since 2010, 2011.


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Agree sales and visits are lower…


Same for me, but it happens every year in different periods, no one know exactly why but Nov, dec, Jan are always the better months

Yes, Sales are lower, but if you notice we have 3 new items in the top sellers list. There are definitely authors who are making good sales. It may be right moment to launch new innovative products as marketplace now seems to focus on new products as well.


@VibeThemes Well Said :clap::clap::clap:

That 's because they have been selling for $19 and $29 :slight_smile: making $1 or $10 per theme :joy:


Any news on testing? Too Low Sales :frowning:

A lot of improvements have been done lately to minimise the impact of tests, and based on the current design choices it seems that the tests have now moved to a “polish” state. Therefore I wouldn’t expect anymore major changes like the first batch in the near future. (these opinions are just my 2 cents, might not be right) but seems to be the classic AGILE workflow scheme.

I love to use the word “improvement” in the sense of improved sales. Unfortunately, sales are all-time low.

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