Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market: Item Page tests


Please put back the ‘close’ iframe button because some products don’t behave well in an iframe and the user will consider that the product has bugs.

You can have a bigger ‘Buy now’ button but a close iframe button (smaller) must be present.

Thank you!


Wow, item pages need a redesign and new features! Thank you for considering this update, it is really needed!

I hope Hypothesis-driven testing will help reach new item presentation and design possibilities for us :test_tube:

Really excited about the new look!

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I would ask the same thing: Please add back the “Close iFrame” button.

Our demo involves login, which does not work correctly with iFrames.

Less technical users may not understand what is happening, which can hurt conversions.


Hi @LambertGroup & @WebWizardsDev - if you have item previews that won’t work at all with an iFrame present, please open a ticket with Envato Author Support. That team should be able to help further.


Great! Thank you very much for doing these tests, this will help us a lot with our products😄

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Hi. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

And once again I am asking for the update of AudioJungle collection page UI. We need a simple waveform same as in search results page or in portfolio (from client’s account, not author’s). Nothing new, just the same UI.

It should instantly increase conversion rate on collection pages and allow us to make creative albums. Page with musical items without a waveform is totally unconvinient for clients.


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Look cool!!, Minimal & Clean I love it

It looks good. But, close X button was good to test items on their own pages.

It is good !!

Keep doing your job!! I love it! :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t like the direction this is going (see the attached image):

  • Author’s identity from Item’s page has been almost completely wiped-off. The only thing left is a small link underneath the Item’s title. Took us years to build a brand, and a relationship with our customers, just to be obliterated by such changes.
  • The Item’s description is hidden by default, requiring an extra step to have it displayed. This was the only section where authors could present their items in a meaningful way that would help conversions, not to mention the only place where you could include important notes, that could not be included otherwise in the Item’s attributes.
  • The Item’s attributes are hidden by default, requiring yet another extra step to have it listed.

Great way to open up the flood gate for Refund requests, as now basically all the useful information is hidden, the buyers will have no clue what on earth they’re buying.

I understand that this might be an A/B testing case, but I’m still horrified that something like this can actually go into live production and presented to potential customers.

Any way of opting out of such tests?

Also while the new iframe bar looks way cleaner (which I like), it still causes issues on pretty much all the Items on CodeCanyon. I’ve suggested an improvement here: Iframe, not letting my customers to check the demo version. - #14 by lunatio - too bad you’re not going the route of a Javascript pop-up instead, with some customizations and perhaps better tracking in terms of conversions too.


+1 to everything mentioned by @lunatio.

  • The author link in the sidebar has been removed
  • The author brand avatar has been removed
  • Now, the only link to the author is a small one, under the title which is barely even visible.

It is extremely clear on what direction this is heading and let’s be honest here. It’s another Envato game against Authors, like it has been for years now.

I’ve been on this platform for 10 years and I’ve seen all the changes throughout time. A large part of all the changes that happened were in favor of Envato as a whole, without asking for absolutely any input to the community and the authors who are keeping this platform alive.

It’s extremely bothering to see that now we are being anonymized even more, as authors, with these changes.



This way not good, some important data are hidden or not well visible as already written above…

  • The author brand, badges, avatar must be visible (it’s something that’s been built over the years and it is very important to be noticeable).
  • Item sales number it must be noticeable (that number especially if it is higher attracts attention for customers).
  • Lower part where it is item description must be shown (a lot of customers don’t read it to the end, on this hiden way it will be even less).

To me this seems very unprofessional look, much better and more useful is the old way, this is a step backwards.


In total agreement. I think this is a move to give the platform a unified look with elements. But it does so with total disregard to the author’s brand.
Sometimes the author’s logo is all it takes to place a purchase, given past encounters / previous purchases from the same author.


It’s literally to remove the authors from getting any exposure and benefits from having people recognize their brand, and instead to make it seem like everything is done by Envato, and to strengthen the bond between customers and Envato. Cause god forbid if some customer would go to check out the author’s brand in more detail, or watch his tutorials on youtube cause he recognizes the logo. We can’t like waste all this money on our Envato ecosystem and then have our customers benefit the authors!!! NO no no!!! Even though they create all the content… :roll_eyes:

Not nice envato.

If this becomes the final design, we might have to further clutter the thumbnails with our logos or insert our logos before the preview videos / in previews. Which will cause just a tiny bit more confusion for some clients, thinking that they also get our logo, or our logo animation.


@Atamotion sadly that’s true. This whole move was done to remove the author’s branding and the link between the Item and the Author, and induce the idea that the products listed on Envato are made by Envato, just so that the customers will always think that its Envato that’s providing the items, and not the actual authors.

The fact that they’ve hidden the Item’s description as well, further strengthens this, as we could use the Item’s description to include our logo, name and other related brand materials.

I’ve forgot when was the last time Envato has asked authors about anything. Or provide the authors with actual useful tools. Was it back in 2011, 2012?

This is what happens when there’s no real competition. :slight_smile:

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@lunatio Actually, two hefty competitors merged recently, soo it’s not all so doom and gloom :smiley:

We need the sidebar and description enabled by default. I can live with anything else being with the new design, but the description and sidebar must be active. Even links in main banners don’t work to advertise other files in my portfolio without a secondary action. The bounce rate increased by 20% on Envato Analytics since this is implemented… I’m at a loss for words… :disappointed: