Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market: Item Page tests

Hardly any customers are notice… They should appear/Expanded automatically!

Hi everyone, I’m excited to come back with some results and upcoming plans.

  • We understand that the item description is important, but we can see both from customer behaviour and our qualitative research that customers aren’t reading this information - in fact, they do a lot to avoid it! While we are exploring this further, it is important to note that simpler and shorter item descriptions will likely be the way of the future, as we expand the space on the page that is available for the information customers are using to make their purchases. These include customers using comments, sales numbers and reviews and ratings as quality signals.
  • Customers have been responding to bringing comments, reviews and sales numbers, as well as profile names further up the page, as well as simplifying the right hand column. We’ve seen positive changes in the add to cart and conversion rates by moving this information up under the title of the item.
  • We’ve been exploring some technical changes to the way we load and display preview images, with the end result that we are enforcing the required display dimensions for preview images on the item page. This contributes to a higher Core Web Vitals score for our item pages, which helps maintain good search engine optimisation as Google changes their ranking criteria.

Coming up, we’re looking into the presentation of the ‘favorite’ and ‘add to collection’ buttons, as well as changes to the way live previews are accessed (including the presentation of buttons, the call to action and the icons). We’ll also be looking at highlighting existing trust signals around item metadata and customer relevant badges and purchase button design.

Thanks again for all of your feedback.


This non serious testing has already destroyed 3 best selling months of the year. In the last 7 years here we always used to make the high sales in these months until 2021 where we made the least sales in Jan-Mar. Please stop it now


Not sure what has been done. But its 8 day with 0 sales.


@BenLeong .Sales were steady till 25 of March, then suddenly stopped. And another single sale on 1’st of April, (pun intended), then silence, again. Obviously, there is something that needs to be looked into. Graphics Sales_Soundtrickz 2021


We also had a big sales drop since March 23rd/25th, also in the item views front. Almost 200/300 less pageviews per day in our featured item, and it seems that we’re not the only ones Where does all the traffic go? - #3 by Bokstas


And still no official explanation.


…and so we are yet again at the mercy of testing as our sales take a hit. Historically this first quarter has been good for me but alas it has taken a nosedive and now I wait for some sort of normality to return. Word from Envato is AOK but I really beg to differ.

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Plius got this weird post in comments section. @sunnicee @BenLeong @Will4490 @baileyherbert @baileyherbert @unlockdesign does someone hacked Envato?

Pull a flag for removing that comments and open a support author support ticket support team will take necessary step.

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If I am not wrong is Easter and on top of that COVID and Elements…

Of course sales are slower!

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Sorry to hear this @Bokstas

Sadly we have been targeted by this spammer over the last week under a few different guises so I have taken action on this one and we are working collectively here to try and prevent any further spam comments by this party.

Support is the best place to raise these so our team can be across these :muscle:


Hi @Will4490,

Those login issues (maybe also caused by hack?) then, now hacker comments. I would like you to inspire the Envato team to open another threat in the forum “security”. Recently I’m in Lithuania, and over here around 4+ different projects were hacked and user data leaked. Most companies here tighten security. And since I do not see to many changes on Envato for over 7+y I would suggest to double check all of security measures on platforms (at least implement 2 dual login). Better earlier then later (please have a time to read it) 110,000+ user records from car-sharing service CityBee leaked and sold on hacker forum | CyberNews that company realized that it’ss been hacked only After data was leaked, not before. Since that citybee case, there were around 5-6 other huge platforms hacked.

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Thanks @Bokstas

To be clear, this is not a hack, just the case of a determined spammer keen to misuse our platform.

We are working hard to prevent them from creating further accounts.

Whatever Envato team is doing in the name of testing but the harsh reality for many authors like me is that the sales have been plunged all of a sudden. Sales were down since 1st Jan 2021 but after 25 March they are almost gone from my average 7-12 sales/day to 0-2 sales/day.


Same here 2sales this week after 10d of complete silence (starting from March 25). Probably some inexperienced newbie offered some sort of experiment to prove himself within the company, one wrong thought of one person did harm for thousands.


Well, I dont write much, but I follow the people and forums here. This is probably the first time in my 9 years career in videohive, that my sales had gone down completely. From Mid March, my Sales has drastically drop down. not even sales for 3 days in a row. and hardly get one sale. and total silence again. This has never occurred to me .


My sales have gone down :disappointed_relieved:


had a same issue … was going smooth . and suddenly from 25th till 27th march, it stopped and next day one sale. and its down. Something very wrong within the system…

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I’m literally not advocating for Envato here guys, just pointing out that there was the March sale event. Sale events always have a cooldown period afterwards, since a tone of users get a tone of stuff for discount prices. This happens after Black Friday sales as well.

This could be a indicator as to why sales have decreased / visitors have decreased in the past week. Normally these pick up within a few weeks after the discount expired.

Just putting this on the table as well for you guys! Indeed the experiment and the discount cooldown really matched eachother in a very peculiar way…

Also, to put another thing on the table. Need I remind you that the experiment was altered after me and @Odin_Design provided constructive feedback. I emphasize and underline the fact that @sunnicee and other staff are closely monitoring this thread. Giving good feedback will affect the tests and prompt investigations based on the solid arguments you provide, however deviating the thread and filling it with purposeless comments will not do anyone any good. Keep it constructive guys! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2: