Hybrid App Authentication using PHP & MySQL

Hi all. I have a relatively successful login script built with PHP, HTML and some JavaScript, that works alongside a MySQL database allowing user authentication, administration and more. It’s a login script basically. Recently I needed to make a small mobile app for the office but rather than build a web app, I wanted to delve in to hybrid apps as I wanted to utilise some of the hardware functionality on the phone. Essentially though, I needed the users to be able to log in to the app and access data stored on a remote database. Bearing in mind hybrid apps cant contain PHP, I ‘hacked’ my script a little bit, added some JSON and with a little jQuery and ajax, I was able to log my users on and display information.

So my question is, is this something people want? I know hybrid apps have their downfalls but also their fans, as not everyone has the time or patience to learn the native codes for Apple and Android. I’ve started to advertise the fact that my script can facilitate this, although not ‘out of the box’. I was thinking of adding some extra code in to the existing item, or maybe starting something new. Is Cordova/PhoneGap old hat now? Any suggestions owuld be appreciated. My Login Script is here - Login Script